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Proudly serving the Greater Washington & Tidewater areas, including Sandbridge & the Outer Banks.

Understanding the competitive advantages of your property and location and enhancing what is already there helps us turn your property into a coveted home away from home.

Washington D.C. Property Management

At Sojourn, we believe in service and satisfaction on both sides of the rental equation.

As a result, you and your guests can always rest easy.

We would love to meet with you to discuss how you can benefit from the competitive advantages that we can find in your property. Please reach out to get started today by giving us a call or filling out our online form.

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We Take Care Of It All:

  • Marketing

    Marketing is key to successful rentals. We undertake a personalized market analysis for your property and then use that personalized data to determine how to best market your property on our various platforms, and to our direct contacts. In addition, by being a part of the Sojourn brand, your property will also benefit from our various social media efforts, both specifically, and generally.
  • Tenant Relationship

    Depending on the platform, and the length of stay of your tenant, we undertake either a 3 step verification process, or, where warranted, a more extensive screening. In terms of the tenant, we handle everything from moving your qualified tenant into their new home, to rent collection, handling maintenance issues, cleanings and of course, their move out.
  • Rent Collection

    We consider making sure that you get paid on time as one of our primary obligations! You no longer have to worry about rent showing up in your bank account. Not only do we take care of everything on this front, we provide you with personal access to our booking platform so that you can monitor your revenue in real time.
  • Maintenance

    We conduct inspections upon move-in and move-out and will attend to minor repairs as part of our service. Where more costly repairs are required, while we take care of everything for you, you are welcome to be as involved and engaged as you would like. It is after all, your asset.
  • Financial Reporting

    With our detailed financial reporting tools, it's never been easier to keep tabs on your investment. Log into your owner portal to view your properties financial performance in real time.
Norfolk Property Management

About Norfolk

This area has been a hidden gem. It remains affordable yet has everything that one needs for a weekend away; with its untapped shoreline, great amenities and easy access to Nature, it is becoming a popular weekend spot. In addition to tourism, Norfolk serves as the largest military hub on the east coast, which provides a year round consistent market for furnished rentals. The best part about this area is the relatively low cost of entry. The low cost of entry coupled with the consistent military housing market, and the higher grossing summer beach rentals, makes this a great place to invest in the furnished housing market.